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the tenant or the Client is the natural or legal person in whose name the rental contract is established. If the tenant is a natural person, he is also the principal driver and the recipient of the invoices relating to the contract.

The elements forming the lease agreement (hereinafter the contract) are: These general conditions of lease (hereinafter “LMAs”); The lease agreement established in the name of the tenant and signed in the agency; The descriptive state (departure and return) of the vehicle; the invoice; As well as the optional insurance policies.

1-What conditions do I need to fill in order to rent?

The principal driver and the additional drivers must comply with the age and time limits of the valid driver’s licence as defined in article 4 below.

What documents do I need to provide?

-The national driving licence or a Member State of the European Union or the valid international permit of the driver (s). No refund will be made.

2-What do I rent? For how long?

The vehicle which is given to you under the rental contract and its equipment shall be designated in the descriptive State established with the hirer. Before taking over the vehicle, you must complete and sign this description, and you acknowledge the contradictory nature of this State which will report any apparent faults. You must also check the operation of the vehicle for a distance of 5 kilometers. Beyond this distance travelled without incident, the vehicle will be considered as having been restored to you in good working condition, subject to possible non-apparent and in particular mechanical defects. The maximum duration of the rental contract is set at thirty (120) days. At the end of this period, the contract may be renewed at the request of the tenant. Before any renewal, you will have to come with the vehicle in agency to enter into a new lease agreement. At the end of the rental, you must return the vehicle with its equipment in the same condition as that set out in the descriptive state “departure”. In case of disagreement with the hirer on the condition of the vehicle and its equipment, the tenant must expressly mention his disagreement on the descriptive state “return” before signing it and may call upon an authorised automobile expert independent of the hirer. The cost of this intervener will be charged to the party declared liable for the damage by this expertise.

3-For what use of the vehicle?

You agree to operate the vehicle prudently and in accordance with the highway Code, to use it reasonably and in accordance with the use provided for in these lmas. You agree not to use the vehicle for the transportation of persons made for consideration (irrespective of the method of remuneration and whatever the written or verbal undertaking), to propel or draw any vehicle or trailer or any other Object rolling or not, in the course of competitions, for illicit purposes, for the learning of driving. You agree to keep the vehicle closed and locked outside the periods of use by keeping the keys that must not be left on board. In no event shall you assign the lease or sell, mortgage or pledge the vehicle, its equipment and accessories, or use it in such a way as to prejudice the hirer, you agree not to modify or add to the rented vehicle any Equipment other than that which is in the descriptive state or which might alter its functioning. You also agree not to circulate with the rented vehicle on non-drivable and/or prohibited routes to the public.

4-who is allowed to drive and is insured?

Except in exceptional cases (force majeure, medical reasons certified), only drivers named in the rental contract are authorized to drive the vehicle. The additional driver (or drivers) designated in the lease agreement shall enjoy the same conditions of insurance as the principal. The principal driver as the additional drivers must be at least 18 years old and hold their valid driver’s licence. For certain categories of vehicles, a minimum number of years of licence is required. These conditions are detailed in agency. It is specified that where the insured vehicle is driven by an unauthorised driver, the insurance of the vehicle guarantees civil liability to third parties incurred by the latter and the insurer of the vehicle may exercise its right of appeal against the Tenant, on the basis of article L211-1 of the Insurance Code

ATTENTION: Only drivers designated on the rental contract are covered under the insurances subscribed by the tenant. Consequently, in the event of an accident, when the vehicle is driven by a driver not designated to the contract, the lessee remains in fine alone liable for all costs resulting from a loss of liability (including under the provisions of article L211-1 of the insurance Code concerning the driving of the vehicle against the renter’s wishes).

5-the terms of deposit of security:

The amount of the security deposit indicated on your lease is equal to the amount of the deductible contracted according to the category of the rented vehicle. It is limited to the file fee in case of subscription to the full warranty. It will be partially or totally acquired to the landlord in case of damage or theft attributable to the tenant. In the absence of damage or theft attributable to the tenant, this deposit will be reimbursed to him at the close of the contract, within a maximum period of 8 days after the end of the tenancy. The tenant already accepts that the hirer or its subsidiary can collect the sums due for additional costs (see article 10 below) in its bank account by means of the bank pre-authorisation or the guarantee deposit check (cheque Only accepted for a professional client). In accordance with article L133 of the monetary and financial Code, the commitment to pay given by means of a payment card is irrevocable.

6-Vehicle Franchise:

The deductible in case of liability is 20% of the value of the vehicle charged to the subscriber of the lease. In the event of an alcohol-related claim, the deductible charged to the customer will be 100% of the value of the vehicle.

7-State of the vehicle:

The vehicle is at réstitué with the same fuel level as indicated in the contract. If the fuel level is lower than the level indicated on the contract the customer will be charged €1.50 per litre missing.


A basic package of 200 kilometers per day is included when renting our vehicles beyond this package the kilometre is charged €0.40. If the customer wishes unlimited packages are available

ATTENTION: In case the customer is unable to make the deposit, the price of the rental will not be reimbursed. By communicating the information relating to his payment card, the tenant authorizes the hirer to proceed with the transaction and to debit his payment card of the amounts due TTC. It is specified that in the case of rental over 7 days, the security deposit, according to the amount indicated in the general tariff, will be taken at the time of the rental and returned, without interest, at the end of the rental, subject to the perfect performance of the conditions Above.